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mushishi ginko pondering maho's case

Winter quarter first meeting

Attention Creators!

The first meeting of the Creators of Visual Art and Literature Society is scheduled for tomorrow, Monday the 22nd at 6:45PM. We have yet to have a room reserved officially, so we will all meet inside the VU in front of the VU Market at about 6:40PM and then walk to an available classroom from there.

We plan to have meetings from 6:45PM-8:45PM on Mondays for the rest of this Winter quarter. Luckily it sounds like some people who weren't able to come last quarter can come with this new time, so that's great! Bring anyone you know who you think might have fun talkin' sketching and writing!

Bring your sketchbooks, your laptops, your finished products, your scripts, your jewelry-making kits, your drafts, your tablets, and above all your creativity! Fall quarter was a blast, and we hope to continue to rock on and have all sorts of awesome creative fun times this quarter too!